Max makes matters worse when he attacks Carl

Max is out on bail but knows he’s been stitched up when the police reveal there’s a mystery witness who saw Max tampering with the brakes. Carl follows Max out of the pub and in front of an audience asks Max why he sabotaged the car. When Max attacks Carl, he’s arrested again. Carl tells Max that he’s come good on his promise to get Kirsty to himself. Carl takes Ian to one side, and warns him to stick to his fake witness statement against Max if he wants his debt cleared.

Shirley is still helping the Mitchells, looking after Lexi while Lola and Billy visit Phil in hospital. Shirley lets herself into Phil’s house, determined to get the money she wants. As she tries to get into the safe, Roxy walks turns up and, spotting Lexi’s buggy, calls out for Lola. Shirley hides with Lexi and when Roxy leaves, Shirley takes a stash of money from the safe.

Kat pressures Roxy to tell Alfie that Ronnie is due back next week, shocking Alfie. When Kat drops off Tommy, Alfie confronts her about Ronnie, realising she already knew. A troubled Alfie tells Roxy there’s no way he can have Ronnie near him or Tommy.