Max meets a glamorous new woman

A glamorous customer Vanessa (Zoe Lucker) arrives at the car lot. Max gets a speechless Darren out of the way and shows Vanessa around. Max suggests that Vanessa come find him in the Vic if she makes a decision on one of the cars. Vanessa entices Max away from the Vic to buy a car and she slips a card with her number on into his pocket.

Lucas brings Jordan home from hospital and he makes a statement to the police about his attack. Denise has organised a welcome home party and Lucas is unimpressed to find Denise’s sister Kim is there. Kim gets drunk and flirts with Lucas and he’s disgusted. Denise is upset when Lucas rejects her advances.

Shirley has been looking after Louise while Phil is AWOL on a bender. Shirley is angry when Ian won’t let her talk to Ben. Shirley tells Ian that Ben should be back with his real family, but Ian is dismissive. Shirley physically threatens Ian. Shirley explains to Heather that if Ben isn’t with Phil, then Phil won’t be with her and she has nothing left.

Also, Lucy is left friendless after alienating Lauren.

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