Max plays games with Tanya and Jack

Tanya reminds Max that their lunch is all about the girls. Max makes a secretive phone call after cheerfully telling Jack not to be late. Tanya and Jack wait for Max and Tanya suggests that Jack should move in as soon as possible. Max turns up at the restaurant and Tanya is furious when she realises that he’s brought along an unwitting Ronnie.

Jane encourages Peter to help her decorate the cafe for Ian’s event, but when Bianca sees it she points out it looks like a Turkish brothel! Jane offers Bianca the job of re-styling the cafe when she learns that Bianca went to art college. Meanwhile, Ian is impressed by Masood and Zainab’s efforts in the kitchen and suggests that they go into business with him but Zainab isn’t interested.

Jase plans to take Jay fishing, but Dawn has a better idea and talks him into going to go to a wedding fair with her instead. Jase promises Dawn that he will give her the dream wedding and the big house, but he has work to do first…

Also, Ricky is upset when Bianca doesn’t invite him on holiday with her and the children; Lucy plays a prank on Ian.

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