Max hides a letter from Tanya‘s solicitor and he confronts Tanya about cancelling the divorce. Tanya curtly points out that they haven’t properly been through that yet and Max is left to simmer. Max gives Tanya the solicitor’s letter and reveals that the divorce proceedings have been postponed. Tanya tells Max that she will cancel the divorce as soon as he signs over his shares.

Lucy is outraged when Ian discovers a rip in his new suit and blames her, although she realises that Bobby was at fault. Lucy tells Lauren that she’s fed up being the evil twin and she’s going to teach her dad a lesson. Ian is furious when he finds out that Lucy has had her naval pierced and he grounds her and takes away her mobile and make-up. Lucy is angry and tearful.

Heather is upset after discovering Shirley’s fall, but Shirley is dismissive with her. Shirley is chucked out of her flat by landlord Norman, who insists he needs it back. Shirley heads over to see Heather at Minty and Garry’s and invites herself to move in. Heather is pleased when she and Shirley make up.

Also, Phil is disappointed when Ben is uninterested in a boxing competition for Sport Relief.

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