Max plots to scam Ian

Phil warns Max that he wants his money and tells him to con Ian. Max struggles with his conscience but when he sees Ian buying a Christmas tree with a wallet stuffed with cash his mind is made up. Max offers Ian in on a lucrative property investment for £150,000. Masood learns about the deal and wants in on it and a guilty Max is forced to accept.

Ronnie returns to Walford and is horrified when Bianca lets slip that Sam has done a runner. Ronnie confronts Roxy, who is forced to explain that Sam jumped bail after cheating on Ricky with Jack. Ronnie is surprisingly unruffled and excitedly tells Roxy that she’s pregnant.

Janine learns that Phil has talked Grant out of offering Peggy a loan and boasts to Ryan that they’ll be in the Vic by Christmas. Janine encourages Archie to get his divorce from Peggy underway. Archie learns that Peggy has gone to Portugal to visit Grant. Janine is disappointed when Archie says that Peggy will probably come back with Grant’s money, despite Phil’s opposition.

Also, Bianca and Whitney learn that Tony attempted suicide in jail but DS Hill thinks it’s a ruse to make Whitney feel guilty and stop her testifying against him.

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