Max proposes to Zoe!

Nervous about meeting Max’s mother for lunch, consultant Zoe Hanna’s day gets off to a tricky start when Robyn spills some nasty fluids on her dress. She manages to get her frock cleaned up before lunch but, even so, the meeting with Max’s mum, Greta, is a disaster.

Max has failed to let Greta know Zoe’s closer in age to his mum than to him!

Greta (Kazia Pelka) presses Zoe’s buttons when she asks the couple about their plans for children, leaving the upset medic no choice but to depart lunch early.

Over a bottle of wine with Tess Zoe reckons it’s time for the mismatched pair to go their separate ways… until Max tracks Zoe down to a bar in town! In a major heart-to-heart moment Zoe reveals she’s unable to have children, while loved-up Max goes out on a limb and proposes to Zoe. She says yes immediately!

Elsewhere, it’s new senior staff nurse, Jacob Master’s first day, and he manages to impress, inspire and rub the ED staff up the wrong way. But why is receptionist Louise avoiding him?

Lily asks Ethan out to dinner, but they fail to make it to the restaurant after they clash over a patient’s welfare. Plus the return of Honey to the hospital towards the end of their shift scuppers romantic intentions even further!

And Dylan is being extra cautious when it comes to patient care, but this causes a panic at a local secondary school! Most of the staff thinks this is just down to his usual fastidiousness, but newcomer Jacob isn’t convinced…

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