Is Max on to Steven’s lie?

Max is suspicious that all is not right with Steven’s recent shock claim

Lauren shares Steven’s worrying news with Max. After Lauren tries to explain what Steven has told her, Max is left suspicious that something isn’t right. He does some digging – but will he work out that Steven’s claims are a lie?

Meanwhile, Max is frustrated to learn that Ian has pulled out of the sale of the chippy. Heading to the Beales’, he tries to change their minds. Will his heartfelt speech to Ian convince Ian to sell to Weyland after all?

Robbie is nervous ahead of a visit from boss Mr Lister. Concerned that the stallholders have been moaning about some of his decisions, Robbie gives a delighted Donna her pitch back. When Mr Lister turns up, Robbie is stunned when he’s told that unless he gets in some trendy stalls and increases the market’s revenue by Christmas, the market will close!

Also, Shakil asks Bex to the Prom. What will she say?