Abi is excited about her birthday party and Dot promises to make a cake, while Jack offers to pay for catering. Abi is mysteriously jumpy as the party gets underway. Meanwhile, Tanya is chuffed when Jack tells Tanya that all he wants is Tanya, the girls and Oscar. But their happiness is about to be shattered when Abi’s special guest arrives – it’s Max!

Bianca promises Morgan a party for his birthday but worries about how she will afford it. Bianca helps Ian with Abi’s birthday party catering and prepares a sneaky extra tray of food but Ian catches her. Bianca is gutted when Ian refuses to pay for her help until the end of the month. Ricky comes to the rescue when he reveals he has vouchers for a free meal at Fargo’s and offers to take Bianca and the kids.

Stacey helps a nervous Jean dress for her dinner date with Ted and she is worried about how Jean will cope. Jean leaves for her date, looking lovely, but it looks like there’s trouble in store when Stacey discovers Jean has left without her medication.

Also, Denise and Masood vie for a cabbie’s job at Patcabs; Dot worries about an unusually moody Clare.

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