Max sabotages Tanya’s birthday

Tanya plans a birthday party and Abi secretly invites Max. Tanya is annoyed when Max turns up, but she agrees to let him stay for a while. Max discovers a bottle of the strong alcoholic drink Absinthe and he spikes Tanya’s drink. Tanya quickly gets completely wasted and drunkenly collapses in a giggling heap on the floor. A smug Max gets Lauren and Abi and tells them that they’re going back home with him.

Clare coaxes Bradley out of the house and changes into a skimpy robe in preparation for Ian’s visit. Ian is nervous as a flirty Clare seductively pours him some more wine. Clare is pleased as Ian seems to be falling for her sexy routine, but they’re interrupted by Bradley. Clare is frustrated when Ian jumps up and makes his excuses to leave.

Jack discovers that Roxy trashed his flat and he bundles her off in his car and dumps her in the middle of nowhere to teach her a lesson. Ronnie is worried when she can’t get an answer from Roxy’s phone.

Also, Lucy makes a move on Darren’s mate Bungle and is disappointed when he knocks her back.

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