Max smashes his hospital room

The psychiatrist gives Max a positive assessment and suggests he should continue his recuperation at home. But Steph isn’t so sure it’s a good idea, especially when Max mistakes her for his dead wife, Claire.

She discusses her concerns about her husband with mum Lyn but unfortunately, Max overhears her and imagining all his family and friends have all now turned against him, Max vents his frustration by violently trashing his hospital room.

Meanwhile, the consultant tells Steph that Max’s confusion is down to his medication and Steph vows to be more supportive. Elsewhere, Elle is riddled with guilt after hearing of Max’s predicament and suggests he’d have a better chance of recovery at home. Paul suspects something’s up, and Elle almost confesses to her role in Max’s madness – but chickens out.

After receiving an earful from Loris about her relationship with Ned, Katya learns that Carmella also has feelings for him. Katya tells Carmella to keep her distance, then attempts to take her relationship with Ned one step further by dressing sexily and tempting him with the prospect of a ‘sinful’ night of passion.

Also, Ned and Carmella encourage Harold to get a mini-makeover in order to help him woo Loris. Summoning up his courage, he asks Loris on a date and is thrilled when she accepts.