Tanya realises that she will have to tell the girls about her relationship with Jack, but she feels gutted when Abi takes it badly. Tanya is suspicious when Max apologises to her and Jack for his behaviour. Max later shows his true colours when he tells a stunned Tanya that he’s buying their house from Ruby Allen – Tanya will be his tenant!

Mickey and Darren discover an old letter from Rosie offering Keith a job in the Cotswolds, but he confesses that he didn’t bother to ring up. Mickey announces that he wants to make a better life for himself and he bags himself the Cotswolds job. Keith has food for thought and he confesses that he wants to win back Rosie. Keith and Mickey set off to start their new life away from the Square.

Jean, Charlie and Mo are horrified when they realise they’ve arranged clashing dates at the house as Jean has invited Ted for dinner, Charlie has invited Brenda, and Mo has invited round her mate Fat Elvis! The couples decide on a group outing to the Vic pub quiz instead and are chuffed when they win.

Also, Sean turns up in the Vic covered in blood…

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