Vanessa finds a quiet Max and tries to comfort him about Tanya moving on. She plucks up the courage to ask him if he’s still in love with Tanya. Max says that there’s nothing between them apart from an emotional game of cat and mouse. Max seizes the moment and proposes to a stunned Vanessa… and she accepts!

Lydia wakes in the night and tells Janine that she’s seen a vision of Janine’s mum June. Lydia asks Janine to get some photos from her room. Janine finds Lydia’s will and takes a peek. Lydia is leaving all her money to charity. Lydia asks Janine about the will. Janine says she’d much rather have the photos of her mum than the money. Lydia reveals that Frank and Pat stopped her from taking in Janine when June died. They watch the sunrise together and a devastated Janine realises Lydia has died.

Kim comes back from partying in the early hours and finds a distracted Mercy in the cafe. Mercy reveals she can’t sleep because she’s worrying about her immigration hearing. Fatboy discovers that Mercy isn’t at home and calls her mobile. Fatboy meets Mercy and Kim in the cafe and tells Mercy they’re not giving up without a fight.