A vengeful Max Branning terrifies Ian when he vows to kill him!

Ian Beale is terrified when Max Branning turns up at the house to confront him and threatens to finish him off once and for all.

Max is determined to find out what secret plan Phil and Ian are involved in. He hangs around the Square and approaches Bernadette for information, leaving her shaken. When he doesn’t get very far with Bernadette, Max instead corners Ian for a chat, leaving Ian unnerved by Max’s strange manner. When Ian returns home he is horrified to find Max menacingly waiting for him. As things get out of control, Max tells Ian he wants revenge – and he’s going to kill him!

Robbie buys Donna a thoughtful present when he gets her as his Secret Santa. When there’s a mix-up with the gifts, Donna gets the wrong one and is offended. Thinking that Robbie was setting out to humiliate her, she chucks a drink in Robbie’s face! In her anger, she then reveals the big secret to the stallholders – that the market is closing.

Linda gets excited when she sees a gift in the flat. It’s Mick’s ‘present’ from Aidan, but assuming it’s a present for her, Linda can’t resist taking a peek. When she looks inside the gift, she is horrified by what she finds…