Max thinks the law can be sniffed at

Following their investigations last week into the death of 11-year-old Matty Wallace, Sun Hill officers DC Grace Dasari and DI Neil Manson join the boy’s grandmother Ruth and stepfather Craig at his funeral. But there will be more twists and turns before this tragic tale concludes…

What Grace and Neil don’t know – yet – is that DS Max Carter has put Craig under surveillance. Max has discovered that Craig has been a bad boy in the past, handling stolen goods, and thinks he is still behaving illegally. At Matty’s funeral, a furious Neil realises that Max and DC Terry Perkins are not there out of respect but to see who turns up to support Craig. One of the mourners is Alan Ferguson, who has been done for violence and robbery. And with him is Peter Hampton who, until very recently, was a guest of Her Majesty’s.

Like a good parolee, Peter has a job. He works for a freight company and Max is positive he’s telling Craig and Alan which lorries are worth hijacking. Now Max wants Peter to tell Sun Hill when the next hijack is going to happen… or else. DC Mickey Webb doesn’t like Max’s threatening behaviour but it gets results. Will Max catch the fish he’s angling for, though? Or will the cocaine he’s hooked on land him in deep water?