Max tricks Jack into handling the gun

Ian tells Lucy he saw Max and Phil with a gun and she tells Lauren. Max laughs it off, but he tells Phil they’ve been rumbled. Max and Phil threaten Ian with a concealed ‘gun’, before revealing it to be a car part and a relieved Ian is duped. Later, Max tells Jack he found a gun in the loft and ‘accidentally’ drops it so that Jack will pick it up. Jack persuades Max to hand it in at the police station, but Max stashes it.

Bianca throws Tony’s homecoming party at Pat’s, but she’s devastated when Tony fails to turn up. Ricky blurts out to Bianca that he loves her, but they are interrupted by Tony making a very late entrance. Ricky is devastated. Later, Tony finds Whitney alone – and they share a kiss…

Callum learns that Vinnie warned Bradley to keep Stacey away from him and he lies to Bradley that he’s not after Stacey. Callum hides his shock when Bradley tells him that he and Stacey are trying for a baby. Bradley is still suspicious of Callum and encourages a drunk Danielle to make a play for him. Danielle snogs Callum and Stacey is secretly jealous.

Also, Roxy and Sean discover the sex of their baby.

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