Max whacks Niall!

Devastated after her split from Max, Steph turns to Niall for comfort. Hating to see her distressed, Niall tells Max the kiss was one-sided but Max is hurt and angry and takes his frustrations out on him. Steph is angry when she sees Max punch Niall and refuses to listen to anything he has to say. Later, Steph asks Niall why he took the blame for their kiss and is comforted when he tells her she is who she is and he likes her for it. Max apologises to Steph but she refuses to take him back after all the hurtful things he’s said.

Michaela fishes for information on John-Paul and Kieron’s relationship but John-Paul gives nothing away. Frustrated at not getting the information she wants from Kieron, Michaela is shocked to overhear him talking to Kris and assumes he’s cheating on her brother. But John-Paul is in no mood to listen to her, causing Michaela to try to sell the story of the gay priest cheating on her brother…

As Danny practises his comedy routine for the open mic night, Hannah can’t bring herself to tell him he isn’t funny.

Also, Rafi’s cocky attitude gets him the doorman job at The Loft.

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