Max wins Tanya round

Max leaves Tanya a bouquet of flowers and a note saying that he loves her. Tanya hides the note from the girls and lies that the flowers are from an old friend. Tanya visits Max at Dot’s and she playfully tells him off, but they are soon kissing passionately. The couple quickly get dressed when they hear Dot returning home and Tanya is annoyed with herself for being irresponsible.

Phil takes delivery of a gun and hides it. Archie begs Peggy for another chance and breaks down. Phil loads the gun and heads over to Archie’s and bursts in to find Peggy and Archie kissing. Phil tells Archie to stay away from his family or he’ll do him in and he drops a bullet into his drink as a warning.

Stacey invites Whitney on a night out and takes her home to try some outfits on. Whitney mentions the guy who has been hanging around the Square and is taken aback when an unthinking Stacey asks her if she’s into older men. Whitney flees when Stacey tells her she needs to start dressing up if she wants to pull older men.

Also, Ian and Janine square up to each other over the talent contest; Christian invites Syed back to his and Syed agrees…

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