Robbie is raking in the cash for his planned illegal rave at Chez Chez. Meanwhile, Ste is in need of cash fast and notices the teen’s money-making ability and wants in. Ste has second thoughts when he spots Robbie with a bag of pills. Meanwhile, In a bid to get Callum back for kissing Holly, Robbie spikes his beer, but Maxine drinks it by mistake! Everyone’s frightened when Maxine then collapses in the yard. The police arrive to raid the club and with their moneymaking scheme in tatters, a guilty Ste and Robbie try to remain unnoticed.

Phoebe is shocked when she spots a familiar face from her past, it’s one of the immigrants Vincent, outside College Coffee.

At the club later, when Maxine collapses, Vincent is a hero as he gets her into the recovery position and waits for the ambulance as George tries to conceal his envy.

Also, at her scan, Diane receives some life-changing news when the sonographer tells her she’s actually having twins! Tony meets her at the hospital, but there’s clearly something playing on his mind.