Maxine is in danger and Damon makes a devastating discovery

Maxine finds herself in a frightening situation. Could Glenn be to blame? Plus Damon is distraught when some items belonging to his late mum, Maggie, go missing

Maxine is struggling to cope after finding herself in a frightening situation following Glenn’s offer to pay for Minnie’s school fees. What exactly has scheming Glenn gone and done?

Elsewhere, Damon is devastated when he discovers the suit he found in his late mum, Maggie’s, belongings, has been stolen and is later furious when he finds out Holly is involved.

Plus, Hunter is struggling with grief over Neeta’s death and has a sudden panic attack.

Yasmine tries to comfort him but Hunter is freaked out when she seems to know secret things about his and Neeta’s relationship and becomes convinced it’s because she was given Neeta’s heart for her life-saving transplant.