As Maxine struggles to come to terms with Sienna’s admission yesterday, she worries whether this could this be the end of her and Patrick. Patrick realises this and asks Maxine whether he’s enough for her, leaving the question hanging in the air. Maxine eventually gives in and after handing in her resignation, tells Patrick that all she wants is him.

Jason offers Holly a genius suggestion, he will be her fake boyfriend to throw Cindy off the scent of her and Callum. It’s clear he’s smitten with the bubbly blonde and this plan could work out for both of them. But he is still heartbroken when he picks Holly up for their date and she jilts him for Callum.

Danny and Ste bump into each other again in the pub, and things are clearly awkward between the pair. But when John Paul sees them together he asks what’s going on, prompting Ste to spill the beans and get a punch from John Paul.

Meanwhile, Cindy is intrigued to hear of a villager’s new relationship status.