Maxine pleads for Patrick’s forgiveness

Maxine fails to take Patrick’s outburst last night as a hint of his true character and decides she needs to make it up to him. She goes to see him at the college and is elated when he seemingly forgives her. She runs into his arms, but it may be the biggest mistake she’ll ever make.

Sienna is feeling isolated from her family and seeks comfort with Darren. When he tells her how happy he is that she’s there, they kiss. Meanwhile, Nancy is given hope and decides to prove once and for all that she’s going to change. However, when she heads to the pub to see her husband, she is mortified to find him and Sienna in bed together.

Will is worried when Ash’s work pass and list of patients falls out of her bag and he sees his mum’s name. He goes to see Anna and tells her his girlfriend has been lying to him – she’s unaware it’s Ash and Anna’s concerned that this person will meet the same fate as Texas. Will gives Ash plenty of opportunity to confess but she doesn’t.

Also, John Paul finally seals the deal with Danny when the pair sleeps together.