Maxine receives devastating news about her baby

Maxine tells Patrick that she’s rearranged their baby scan for today. However, dressed to impress, Patrick has to attend a regional head teacher’s dinner at The Hutch. Maxine goes to the scan alone and is heartbroken to hear her baby might have Down’s Syndrome.

Robbie and Phoebe have been asked to do a presentation at Patrick’s head teacher’s dinner and Finn is jealous. He spikes Robbie’s drink with GHB at The Hutch, but Patrick picks it up instead. Finn waits for the drugs to take effect on Robbie, but when Patrick gets on stage to address his peers, it’s clear he’s fallen victim to Finn’s prank.

Tony puts some music on to distract his diners’ attention, prompting Patrick to twerk in front of his guests before falling through the glass window. Finn plants the GHB bottle in Robbie’s locker.Phoebe knows Finn is to blame for what happened to their teacher and tries to catch him out, but he’s on to her. Finn threatens her, leaving the tough, school girl petrified.

Jason meets Holly but they’ve missed their bus. He promises to get the money and goes to the McQueens’ to threaten Sonny. Jason is angry when Holly tells him she’s changed her mind about leaving. She’s never seen Jason like this before and when she notices him glancing nervously at Sonny, she guesses he’s got something to do with it. Jason has a flashback to Sonny standing by while Marlow drowned; Jason is forced to tell her what he saw and they agree to leave together.

Blessing panics when she finds out that George has used her bank card. George is being followed by a private investigator called Michael. He’s trying to get to the bottom of George using Blessing’s card yesterday, but George refuses to answer his questions and walks away.