Maxine throws up at her engagement party!

Maxine's sick in front of all of her guests - and Darcy's delighted!

Maxine’s organised her engagement party to perfection only to find that Darcy’s turned it into a kids’ party. There’s worse to come, however, when a drunken Maxine is sick in front of everyone during her speech! Can Adam say anything to make her feel better?

Meanwhile, Nancy panics when Oscar nearly finds Kyle’s drugs, so she ends up taking them with her to Maxine and Adam’s party. Will she get caught?

As Harry keeps badgering James to clear Ste’s name, Ryan threatens Harry to stop meddling in the case. Harry puts up pictures of Ste from the night Amy died, hoping it might jog someone’s memory. That’s when Mercedes remembers more information about the person she saw going into Amy and Ryan’s flat. Can she help prove Ste’s innocence?

Also, Scott nearly ruins his own chance of meeting who he thinks is his real dad.