Maxine wages war with Mrs St Claire!

Patrick tries to keep his redundancy a secret from Maxine – who’s excited about her new Halloween promotion at Minnie Cabs – but he’s caught out when Maxine finds him at the coffee shop. Maxine storms over to the school to fight his corner and starts a riot in Mrs St Claire’s class. The police arrive and arrest Maxine for disturbing the peace!

Meanwhile, Sienna buys Patrick an electric wheelchair. Maxine’s relieved when she finds out the school isn’t pressing charges and blurts out to Darren that she loves him. She hints they could have a future together, unaware Sienna has witnessed their intimacy…

Lockie’s spent the night partying with Ellie and has an argument the next morning with Cameron about Celine. Meanwhile, heartbroken Peri packs her things at The Boarding House.

Following a heated row, Mercedes storms out of Joe’s physio session, right into Lockie’s path. The pair flirts – but will Mercedes use Lockie to teach Joe a lesson?

Also, Pete’s enjoying getting closer to Jade and gives her a ‘spare’ phone, so she can call him anytime about tutoring…