Maxine worries about a jealous Patrick

After Patrick saw her dressed as a sexy elf the night before, Maxine is sure he will apologise for his behaviour. But the next morning, she is amazed that Patrick doesn’t even offer an apology. At the Grotto, Dennis is suspicious by Maxine’s behavior. When he falls off a ladder hanging up decorations, Maxine takes him to hospital.

Tom finds out Darren is alive when he sees a picture of him on a recent newspaper – he knows Sienna has been lying to him. Tom decides to play the long game and asks Sienna whether she would leave the door unlocked tonight. She refuses and out of frustration, Tom throws his console against the wall. He notices a piece of plaster fall away and starts to pull at it in the hope of escaping.

When George visits Vincent in the detention centre, Vincent is aware that one of the residents is staring at him with hatred, knowing he’s gay. He urges George to leave.

And love is the air for Cindy and Dirk.