Patrolling a local Polish community, Pcs Millie Brown and Mel Ryder break up a gang of teens they find intimidating burger van owner Slawomir Zelany. Gang leader Pawel Jankowski is brought to Sun Hill and DS Max Carter – who’s half Polish – is forced to intervene when it appears that Pawel doesn’t speak English.

After further investigation, Max uncovers an extortion racket in the Polish community and Pawel’s uncle, Marek Jankowski, is the ringleader. With residents reluctant to talk, Max soon meets Julie Nowak, Pawel’s stepmum. Meanwhile, DI Sam Nixon learns that Marek’s brother Thomas was shot and killed by a CO19 officer several years ago – and Max fired the fatal shot.

Max organises a sting after learning that Marek is pressurising Julie’s uncle, Cezar Sobieskinski, to store a truckload of stolen cigarettes in his yard. Julie reluctantly agrees to go along with the sting because Pawel worships Marek. And when Max learns that it was he who killed Julie’s husband Thomas when he worked for CO19, he vows to keep Pawel safe.

As the sting goes ahead, the stolen cigarettes are recovered plus a stash of cocaine – but Marek is nowhere to be seen. As arrests are made, Max hears there’s been a shooting at Cezar’s house and finds Julie at the scene holding an injured Cezar.