Toadie represents Max at his trial despite Steph’s protests, cockily taking over from an insulted Rosie. In court, Max takes the stand where he recalls the worst time in his life and Elle reveals her devastation when Cameron died. Elle admits she’s now forgiven Max for his part in the accident, but the prosecution maintain that Max intentionally hit Cameron then went on to break bail.

Boyd is stunned to learn his Tasmanian fling, Glenn Forrest, is set turn up in Erinsborough to visit her childhood friend – Elle Robinson. Boyd assumes Glenn is really on her way to see him and pleads with Elle to find out Glenn’s real intentions but Elle insists her friend isn’t a stalker.

Carmella and Rosie are still fighting over Rocco and, after Carmella spends a fruitless morning trying to find his buried cash, she’s furious to learn that Rosie found the $200,000 first and has given it away. Rosie shuts out Frazer and Carmella – and tells her sister she wants her to have nothing more to do with Rocco.

Carmella, meanwhile, is determined to prove herself and is pleased when Oliver steps forward to provide the much needed cash. But she’s dismayed when Oliver discovers that he’s now lost his claim to the family fortune.