*Double episode*

Dawn bumps into May and she’s elated when May reveals that she’s signed the divorce papers and proceedings can continue right away. Dawn rushes off to see Rob and gives him a big kiss as soon as she finds him. Dawn tells Rob that he’s a free man…

Libby and Darren are miserable when Denise bans Libby from seeing Darren and a desperate Darren asks Keith if he’ll have a word with Denise. Keith is his usual useless self and Darren tells Libby that he’s got a plan for them to be together. He convinces her to run away with him – just for the night – but Denise finds out and stops them in their tracks.

Preeti has been out on a date with sales rep Warren, but she tells Chelsea that it was a complete disaster. Warren is unfazed and he’s soon back in the salon, asking Chelsea out instead. Sean sees Chelsea chatting to Warren but he keeps his distance.

Also, Bradley’s looking after Abi’s guinea pig Marge and worries when she seems poorly; Carly learns that estranged hubby Nico wants a divorce.

Chelsea is jealous when she sees Sean cheering up a downbeat Carly, who is upset about her impending divorce. Chelsea is determined to keep Sean well out of Carly’s way and encourages Carly to go out with sales rep Warren. Chelsea clicks that Carly could be in danger when Preeti reveals that Warren tried to get physical with her and left her with a painful bruise, but keeps the news to herself.

Dot leaves the baby on his own with a lit cigarette in an ashtray as she goes to answer the door. While Dot chats to Honey, the cigarette burns down and is dangerously close to the straw in guinea pig Marge’s cage, nearly starting a fire.

Dawn is hopeful that now May has signed the divorce papers, Rob will propose. Rob sneaks off during the day and Dawn is sure that he’s gone to buy her an engagement ring and she shares her happy thoughts with Carly. When Rob returns, she’s excited when he hands her a package, but it turns out to be a pair of baby booties and she’s left feeling deflated.

Also, Bradley has a water fight with Stacey; Darren tells Keith about the website.

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