Dawn is still angry with May and she tells Rob that she’s going to go up North to visit Rosie. Rob realises he needs to act fast and he promises to book a hotel room for them tonight. May tells Rob that he must do whatever it takes to stop Dawn leaving Walford. May is forced to hide in the bedroom when Dawn comes round to see Rob and she tries to block out the noise as she hears Rob kissing Dawn passionately…

Phil overhears Peggy talking to Stella on the phone when Stella calls to ask whether she left her scarf in the pub flat. Phil bites the bullet and buys Stella a new scarf and heads out to see her. Stella agrees to go out for a meal with Phil to talk things over. Ben is furious when he later sees Phil kissing Stella and realises that his plan to get rid of her hasn’t worked.

Mickey wonders where Darren could have got the money from to take Libby out for dinner. Preeti suggests that Mickey pick the lock on Darren’s bedroom door and find out what’s inside. Mickey breaks into Darren’s room just as Darren and Libby turn up and he’s gobsmacked by the Aladdin’s Cave of goods inside. A busted Darren insists that none of the good are stolen – he’s buying and selling on an internet auction site.

Also, Jay steals from Deano’s stall; and Carly feels guilty about Kevin’s absence.

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