As exam time looms, student doctor May is beginning to feel the pressure. And it doesn’t help she has the mentor from hell – Ruth! Things come to a head this week when May fails in her attempt to treat a patient with a dislocated shoulder and the pair have a massive shouting match in front of everyone…

Although Polly’s name has been cleared over Alistair’s death, she’s adamant that she’s going to quit, despite Dixie and Jeff’s objections. However, when she visits Alistair’s grave and makes her peace she decides to withdraw her resignation.

Charlie defends his son Louis to Jay, who is unimpressed with his aggressive behaviour at last week’s football match. Yet things doen’t go any better at this week’s match when Shona arrives looking for Louis and announces Charlie’s about to become a granddad!

When her shift’s over Ruth bumps into Jay, who gives her a piece of his mind. He’s still furious she lied about the abortion and accuses her of treating May disgracefully. Taking his words on board, Ruth decides to pay May a visit at home and have a heart-to-heart with her.

But when she arrives she finds May slumped beside a bottle of wine and some pills. She jumps to the conclusion May has tried to commit suicide so is relieved when the young doctor answers her door and the pair have a heart-to-heart.