May spots Naomi nipping into the Vic and follows her in to tell her to return to work. The regulars notice that May has a black eye and Naomi wants to know what’s happened. May admits to Naomi that Rob hit her. May reports Rob for assault and a shocked Rob is arrested.

Yolande is worried for Libby’s safety when she discovers that Libby has an internet friend who calls himself ‘Einstein 27’ and she warns her that Einstein may not be who he seems. Libby agrees to meet with Einstein, even though she knows the dangers.

Mickey has turned down Li’s bright idea to become a male escort and instead applies for a job at the Minute Mart. Patrick takes Mickey on for a trial, but his first day is a disaster and he accidentally ruins the supplies of cat litter and smashes a stack of bottles! Patrick demands that Mickey pay for the damage and Mickey wonders if he’ll have to be an escort after all…

Also, Dot arranges a meeting between the warring Mitchells and Beales.

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