*One-hour episode*

Dawn is horrified to see May at the door and threatens to call the police. Dawn slips out to find Summer at the Beautiful Baby contest and she tells Mickey and Darren that May is back. Mickey returns to the Millers with Dawn and Summer after a fruitless search for May. Dawn hears a thud from the living room and enters to find an unconscious Mickey and May standing over him with a crowbar…

Tanya realises that an ‘ill’ Abi is up to something when she catches her heating the thermometer on a lightbulb. Abi is tight-lipped about why she’s upset and slips out of the house. Jack helps Tanya look for Abi and finds her hiding in the bouncy castle at the Vic’s Best of British Day. Abi is furious to see Jack and tells him she just wants her dad.

Lucy takes Olly back to the Beales’ after they are chucked out of Christian’s and Olly is keen to get down to things. Lucy delays doing the deed when she wants to create a romantic atmosphere with candles. Olly starts getting passionate, but they are interrupted by Ian, who is stunned.

Also, the Best of British Day is a great success.

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