May’s distraught when Jase cancels

May is excited about seeing Summer and she searches through her belongings to find the toy she was going to give to her. May is increasingly anxious when Jase is late and she’s gutted when he reveals that he no longer needs her to babysit. Jase and Dawn head off for their engagement party at the Vic, while May drowns her sorrows in a bottle of vodka and looks at Summer’s scan pictures.

Denise and Libby promise Chelsea that they can get through anything now they are reunited. Patrick and Yolande ask the girls to continue to live with them and Denise agrees. The Foxes and Truemans sit down for a family game of dominoes, but Denise is furious when she finds a wrap of coke stashed in the box and she furiously confronts Chelsea.

Charlie agrees to lunch with Brenda, but he starts to panic when Brenda is surprised as he seems to know nothing about ‘their’ email conversations. Charlie ropes Jean into joining them, but Brenda is miffed when Jean takes over the conversation. Jean slips away and leaves Charlie alone with Brenda.

Also, Mickey, Ricky, Jack, Christian and Ian arrive for the football trials – along with Clare – and Jack and Clare come out tops.

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