Me and My Town

The residents of Wisteria Lane begin to recover in the aftermath of the fire that has claimed six lives so far. Lynette’s worries have only just begun, however, as she lies to the police over whether Porter threatened to kill club owner Warren Schilling. She later confesses to Tom that Porter did make the threat but she’ll protect her son at any cost.

There’s some good news for the Solis family, however, as scans reveal that an operation might bring Carlos’s sight back. Gabrielle is overjoyed, but suddenly worries about what Carlos will think of her once he can see again. She’s told the operation will be in a month’s time and determines to get herself back in shape. Then the doctor tells them there’s been a cancellation and the operation can go ahead later that week!

Susan is upset when she discovers that Mike has started a relationship with one of her friends and seeks solace in Katherine. Riddled with guilt, Katherine eventually confesses and Susan storms off to Bree’s house, only to find that she knew about it all along!

Orson’s broken nose causes him to snore loudly at night and Bree takes pills to help her sleep. Unfortunately, on the morning of her cooking demonstration, she inadvertently takes two more, with hilarious results…

Meanwhile, Dave tells the police that he saw Porter coming out of the back of the club on the night of the fire.

*Desperate Housewives returns in February*

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