Meet Casualty’s newest nurse… Fletch

After a long absence due to Euro 2012 Casualty returns this week and there’s a new nurse on the wards!

Alex Walkinshaw, who played Smithy in The Bill and Jez Diamond in Waterloo Road, joins the team as new nurse Adrian ‘Fletch’ Fletcher. Everyone takes an instant shine to the cheeky graduate – apart from his assigned mentor, staff nurse Lloyd!

Lloyd was expecting a timid young thing needing constant supervision, so when super confident Fletch breezes in, charming the pants off patients and staff, Lloyd’s nose is well and truly put out of joint…

Married with children, Fletch was a mechanic, but he decided to retrain as a nurse when his business was bitten by the recession. With his natural charm and ability to chat, Fletch is great at dealing with anxious patients but when a young woman called Amy comes into the ED with a suspected pregnancy, Fletch has to learn the hard way that he can’t get too emotionally involved.

Also this week, Sam has high hopes of returning to Afghanistan but she falters during a training exercise and is forced to question whether she’ll ever be ready to face working in a war zone again.

Later, her loyalties are tested when she comes across one of her army colleagues – Captain Morrison, played by Bill Ward – slumped in his crashed vehicle. Suspecting that he had an epileptic fit, Sam is torn over whether she should tell the army the truth about her suspicions which would end his military career.

She finally decides to reveal all to her superiors, effectively ending her military career. Meanwhile, estranged husband Dylan is unhappy to discover she won’t be leaving Holby after all.