Meet Emmerdale’s odd couple: Bob and Dan!

OMG! It really is true! Desperate Dan is Bob’s new BF! And the two fools look very happy together as Bob helps Dan move in. Ha! Just wait until Dan starts helping himself to things that aren’t his – and you just know he will. Ali and Ruby are not happy and Ali’s also not happy when she finds out that Sean’s being bullied because of her. There’s some joy to be had, though, when Sean wipes the smug smile off his dad’s face by telling him he likes living with Ruby and his mum. As Sean would say: Nice one!

There are no happy faces at Wishing Well Cottage. Sam finds out Zak’s cancer might have returned (which is the lie Zak is spreading) and shares Lisa’s worries. They’d be even more worried, though, if they saw him at The Woolpack with two blokes. He tells Debbie and Chas he’s doing business with them and later turns up at home with wads of cash. But Zak’s attention is on his chickens. Convinced one of them is sick, he shocks Sam by killing it.

Cameron is supposed to be killing his relationship with Debbie, but he can’t quite do it. Then Sarah falls ill and he has a good excuse to stay put…for now.