Marsden arrests Peggy for attempted murder. Ronnie and Roxy wonder whether Peggy’s guilty after discovering that she is still married to Archie. Peggy is questioned and insists she is innocent and is eventually released. Peggy confronts Sam about her accusation. Peggy returns home and she and the girls agree to stick together, but they’re stunned when they’re interrupted by Glenda, Ronnie and Roxy’s mum!

Bradley and Stacey agree to keep their moving plans secret, but they’re almost caught out by Jean. Stacey thinks they should delay leaving the Square, but Bradley wants to go before anyone works out that Stacey’s pregnancy is more advanced than it should be. Stacey nearly tells Jean that she’s pregnant, but she later tells Bradley that he’s right and they need to keep it a secret.

Lucy is horrified as the party starts to get out of hand when Zsa Zsa and Lauren fight and Todd accidentally breaks a lamp. As the partygoers start to trash the room, Leon steps in and throws everyone out. Lucy and Leon end up in bed, but Lucy is upset afterwards as it was her first time.

Also, Adam tells Darren to leave Libby alone.

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