Meet Holby’s new alpha male

There’s a new alpha male on the wards of Holby City, and his name is Antoine Malick. Fiery, stubborn and with a short fuse, the surgeon is given a one-day trial on AAU, having been fired from his previous post on the Day Care Surgical ward. If Antoine can prove he’s not as reckless as his previous boss says he is, he can stay.

Things don’t go to plan, though, when Antoine clashes with boss Michael and by-the-book Penny over the treatment of a patient. When Penny discovers that the reason he was fired from his last job was for punching his boss, Antoine’s position looks even less likely. However, when the strong-willed doctor goes above and beyond the call of duty and prevents Michael from being assaulted by an angry patient, he manages to bag himself a job. But how long will he last?

Elsewhere, Donna is distraught when she discovers that new love Keiran is being posted to Afghanistan by the Army; Mark conspires to protect daughter Chrissie from being fired.