*Second episode*

After sharing half a bottle of Declan’s finest whisky, Jai kisses Megan. At first she responds to his advances, but pulls back when she questions his actions. Although Jai admits that it’s not the best time to make a move on her, he says he does like her.

Having decided against stealing William’s cash, Ruby gets a shock when Ali reveals she’s pinched it! Will Ruby accept the money, or insist that it’s returned to its rightful owner and wave goodbye to her only real chance to pay for IVF treatment? Meanwhile, Dan decides to call time on his sperm donations, which delights his girlfriend Kerry, but as he’s Ruby and Ali’s only chance of having a baby how will they react when they hear his decision?

Following Belle’s shocking confession, Zak struggles to take it in. When she asks for his help, he advises that honesty is the best policy because the only way to get through the turmoil of what she’s done is to confess all to the police. Zak agrees to go to the police with Belle, but can he really stand by and watch his daughter surrender to the hands of the law?