Megan and Robbie discover Charity’s secret!

*First episode*

For months now, Megan been trying to show Charity in her true light, but all her attempts have failed. Declan’s sick of his sister trying to stir up trouble between him and his wife and wants Megan to get out of his life. He starts by telling Bernice that she can no longer sublet the back room to Megan, who uses it to run her wedding planning business with Leyla. Meanwhile, Robbie’s borrowed Charity’s Sat Nav and, after scrolling through the stored addresses on the device, has found the address of an abortion clinic! Later, when he shows it to his mum it looks like Megan has the evidence she needs to take down Charity…

Just when it looks like Andy’s rekindled relationship with Katie is for keeps this time, he’s left shaken after receiving a text message from his brother Robert, who had an affair with Katie before and after she married Andy! Is his sibling about to return and cause more trouble for the couple?

As Sean’s family and friends gather to bid him an emotional farewell as he sets off to join the army, Dan and Ali are consumed with guilt about sleeping together. But while he wants to come clean to Kerry and Ruby, she insists on keeping schtum!