After the shock death of her son, Robbie, and the disappearance of her beloved brother, Declan, the last thing on grieving Megan’s mind has been love and romance. However, suspicious all is not right between her and partner Jai, Megan begins to wonder if another woman is involved, and finds herself confronting her business partner, Leyla…

With Jai having ended their affair last month, heartbroken Leyla thinks their sexy secret is safely buried. But when Megan plays dirty to confirm her suspicions, Leyla finds herself tricked into confessing to her affair with Jai!

Meanwhile, it’s not a good day for Charity when she faces some awkward questions from DI Bails over her recent kidnap ordeal and dastardly doings. And to make matters worse, her own son, Noah turns his back on her!

And Jimmy has some big explaining to do when his father-in-law, Rodney, discovers he is still in contact with Juliette and baby Carl. Will Rodney drop Jimmy in it with Nicola?