Megan laps up Frank’s attention

Megan finds it hard to resist Frank. Rhona is furious with Paddy. And recovering drug addict Jai is desperate.

Megan found out after she slept with Frank that she had been conned by a conman. She wanted nothing more to do with him but Frank proved to be persistent and Megan found it hard to resist him. But she didn’t melt as he spoon-fed her compliments. Frank thought he had Megan eating out of the palm of his hand but she told him exactly how she feels – and she didn’t feel like making him a part of her life.

Moira became a mum possessed as she tried to work out what her daughter had been doing before she died. When she found an overnight bag with Holly’s clothes and passport packed inside, the farmer’s head exploded with questions. As Cain reached out to support his ex-wife, she turned her anger on him, slapping him round the face and blaming him for Holly’s death.

Holly’s secret lover’s identity remained under wraps. It was Jai, of course. As the factory owner tried to shelve his grief, he warned his sister Priya not to involve him in the factory’s condolences for the Bartons’ loss. Meanwhile, Adam become determined to find out who his sister was seeing, wondering if Holly’s boyfriend was the link to her fatal heroin overdose. He told Aaron that once he found the mystery man, he was going to kill him.

Rhona discovered that while she and Pierce were on holiday, Paddy had occupied Smithy Cottage and trashed it. He confessed to her that he went a little bit mad, seeing how Pierce had taken his place in what was his home. Paddy desperately tried to make Rhona understand that, yes, it was bad but it was also good because it helped him move on. But Rhona wasn’t nearly as understanding as Paddy hoped she would be.