As devoted Sam is driving pregnant Megan to hospital, she decides to have a chat about their friendship. Knowing he’s falling for her, she tries to let Sam down gently. But Sam doesn’t take Megan’s comments well, stops the car and strops off into the woods! Megan’s about to drive on to her appointment when she thinks better of it and heads into the woods to find Sam. Catching up with him, Megan’s trying to explain when she suddenly squats down and tells Sam the baby’s coming! When they realise they’ve left their mobiles in the car, Sam runs off to get help leaving Megan hoping she won’t go into full-blown labour and have her baby outside – and alone!

Meanwhile, Zak and Joanie are also out in the woods. Zak’s taken his new lover out poaching. But Joanie’s first attempt at shooting a gun goes horribly wrong when she accidentally shoots Sam! When the couple find Sam unconscious, Joanie prays she hasn’t killed Zak’s son…

As Chas pleads with Aaron not to act on the information that Robert has paid Gordon’s neighbour Ryan to claim he abused him, Aaron’s torn. When he visits Ryan to talk, will Aaron ask him to retract his statement, knowing it could mean his case against his abusive dad collapses?