*First episode*

As Charity and Declan go public, Megan learns that not only is her brother going out with the scheming businesswoman, he’s also made her a partner! Er, WHAT?! Jai’s forced to dig deep after his bitter ex reveals she’s told Sam what he really thinks about finding AWOL Rachel. The factory boss is horrified as Charity plays back the damning conversation they had, and has his work cut out trying to persuade Sam he didn’t mean what he said. When Sam tells Charity she’s the only person he can trust, guilt at her part in his misery pushes her to persuade Declan to give him his job back.

Georgia is back from visiting Nikhil and Molly in Canada. But at a meal to celebrate, Leyla’s quick to pick up on Priya’s eating problem. Noticing her pregnant friend struggling to put together a plate of food, she confronts the pregnant barmaid.

Knowing Bernice is hating being single, Nicola and Marlon have a go at pimping her online dating profile. But the down-in-the-dumps barmaid isn’t feeling it at all…