Megan makes contact with Robbie

Despite what Megan would like people to think about her – that she’s got a heart of stone and doesn’t care about anyone but herself – she can’t ignore her feelings for her son, Robbie. But she can’t bring herself to talk to him face to face, either. She does write him a letter, though, which she posts through his door.

Ruby tries to talk to Sean face to face about his kiss, but Sean’s upset and desperate Dan sees a chance to come between them. Feeling cornered, Sean tells his dad that Ruby tried to kiss him! Oh no! That’s just the kind of ammo Dan can use against Ali and Ruby. He confronts them both and Ruby explains what really happened, but Dan refuses to believe her. Ali knows Ruby is telling the truth, but Sean won’t admit he’s lying and he runs off.

Charity doesn’t know how to admit to Jai that she’s not as broody as he is. She’s happy that Jai and Noah get on so well, but she’s not sure that she’s so happy that she wants to have a baby, so that Jai can do the whole daddy thing from scratch. She’s going to have to think about that.