Megan meets her son, Robbie (VIDEO)

The skeleton that has been rattling around in Megan’s closet for years grows some skin, puts on a leather jacket and jeans, and fronts up at Home Farm. Yes, Robbie makes an appearance and he wants a word with his mum, but it’s not a nice word. If Megan was hoping Robbie would look up to her she’ll be bitterly disappointed (although he is shorter than her and does actually have to look up to her). Robbie’s not there to make nice with the mother who gave him up for adoption. He’s there to tell her to back off. He doesn’t want to know her now – or ever.

Desperate Dan wants everyone to know that Sean is saying that Ruby kissed him. He has moved Sean and Amelia into Bob’s place and insists they have to stay there because it’s not safe for them to be with Ali and Ruby. Sean knows this is a lie, but he can’t bring himself to tell the truth… that he kissed Ruby!

Lisa has decided she wants everyone to know the truth about Zak and tells Chas to spread the word in the pub. If people are going to gossip about Zak – and they are – they should have all the facts.

*Second episode*

Robbie’s said his piece and wants to leave, but Megan persuades him to stay for 30 minutes, so she can talk with him. Robbie demands to know why Megan put him up for adoption. Megan answers him honestly and then Robbie says he’s going, but Declan stops him. Megan continues to talk, but Robbie turns nasty and Declan tells him to get out. Megan hasn’t finished, though. She insists she has another five minutes, so Robbie asks about his father. Megan’s not honest about him, though. She lies and says he’s dead and won’t give Robbie his name. Angry, Robbie won’t give her any more time and he makes it clear Megan will never be his mother.

Charity makes it clear to Jai that she doesn’t share his dream of them having a baby. She’s got Debbie, she’s got Noah, and she’s got him. That’s enough for her. But that’s not what Jai wants to hear.

Nicola doesn’t want to hear that she has caught chicken pox from Elliot, but she has. What’s worse is that Jimmy thinks this means she can spend lots of time with Elliot.