Just when Declan’s got used to relying on Megan she says she’s off to London. He begs her to stay, but she’s determined to leave. Declan has Katie back and doesn’t need her any more. But Declan says he does. He wants Megan to move back into Home Farm – and Robbie can come, too, if that’s what she wants. Of course it is! Megan goes to phone her little boy with a spring in her step. Wait until Katie hears, though… She’ll probably throw herself back down that mine shaft!

Chas would pretty much like to be anywhere other than in prison. But she has decided to fight for her freedom and has changed her plea (again) to ‘not guilty’. The jury will have a field day if they hear all that from the prosecution: ‘Your Honour, Chastity Dingle pleaded ‘not guilty’ then changed her plea to ‘guilty’ and has now changed it back to ‘not guilty’. Members of the jury, make of that what you will…’ Cowardly Cameron takes it as a good sign and is determined to prove Chas is innocent. But he still won’t do it by admitting his guilt.

Edna won’t admit that she can’t pay Tootsie’s vet bills. She’s a proud woman – and also broke…