Megan’s change of heart

Megan decides it’s time for a ceasefire with her ex, Jai, and tells him she’s decided he can be a part of their baby daughter’s life – on the proviso he keeps away from Leyla.

Having spotted bruises on April’s arms, Emma’s come to the conclusion that Carly, who looks after her for Marlon, has been hurting the little girl. The nurse raises her concerns to James and Ross, and it’s not long before they reach Marlon’s ears. But when the chef confronts Carly with the allegations, she’s furious that Marlon could think she was capable of such a thing. Emma later learns Marlon isn’t pursuing the matter and takes charge by calling Social Services herself.

Rakesh has the weight of the world on his shoulders as the wedding approaches. Priya still hasn’t a clue that her hubby-to-be is flat broke. In the know, Jimmy urges Rakesh to come clean.