Megan searches desperately for Declan

*First episode*

After finding out where Declan and Charity are staying, Megan and Robbie arrive at the cottage to find that it’s empty so head off to search for the couple nearby. Where have they gone?

Unaware that Declan and Charity are staying in a cottage where it’s nigh-on impossible to get a phone signal, Debbie’s worried that she hasn’t heard from her mum in a while. So, to put her mind at rest and to make sure Charity is okay, Debbie persuades Pete to go to the cottage with her.

Kirin turns up at the vets’ practice pretending that his dog, Jay Z, is poorly, but it’s just an excuse to see his cougar lover, Vanessa. The pair have been keeping their romance under wraps for a while now, but the secret is blown when Paddy walks in on the pair kissing!