Megan tells Jai he’s not needed (VIDEO)

Megan’s as proud as punch to be able to bring her baby Eliza home from hospital. The new mum beams as she parades her daughter around. Jai’s keen to get in on the action with his little girl but Megan warns her ex they’re fine as they are. Ouch!

Holly’s got herself in a right fix with her drug dealer, Dean, who turns up in Emmerdale wanting the money she owes him. After trying to pass Dean off as her boyfriend in front of her mum Moira, Holly turns her attentions to Charity to try to drum up the cash. Knowing Charity is still in love with Cain, Holly tells her she can help her get him back – for a fee…

In a bid to save their marriage, Rhona wants to move to Germany with Paddy. But what about Leo? There’s no way she’s going to be leaving her son behind – but will his dad Marlon agree to her taking Leo out of the country and away from him?

Elsewhere, Ashley’s overwhelmed when Laurel shows him the scan picture of their baby.